Fall Sunflowers Galore:

A 5-Day Painting Extravaganza!

Unlock Your Artistic Potential in only 5 Days with me!

Join us October 2nd-6th!

Experience the joy of painting not just one, but two beautiful pieces this week – one in vibrant acrylics & another in delicate watercolors!

Register for only $10!


Discover Your Inner Artist and Create Stunning Fall Sunflowers in 2 styles!

Are you ready to embark on a creative extravaganza like no other?

The Social Easel is turning 10 in October and we are celebrating with a painting Extravaganza! 

Join Christie for a 5-day painting extravaganza that will take you from a blank canvas to not just one, but two finished masterpieces you'll be proud to call your own - one in acrylic and another in watercolor! 

Join us for "Fall Sunflowers Galore: A 5-Day Painting Workshop," and let your creativity flourish.

What's included:

  • 5 LIVE Online Sessions (schedule below) that include live step-by-step painting sessions along with Live Q&A's making it easy for anyone to follow along and paint! Replays available through Oct 10th!
  • Monday morning Devotional to help you trust God and let fear go and you find the artist inside of you that He created you to be! 
  • Supply and Paint Color List to grab everything you need before we get started.
  • Paint on your schedule! Access to video replays 24/7 through October 10th
  • Daily Contests for amazing prizes! I love to give & love having fun so the week will be filled lots of chances to win some happy mail from me! 
  • A Private Community where you will interact with Christie & fellow women who are learning to paint alongside you.  You'll find friends, fellowship, encouragement, and support!
  • Rights to teach this design for all your LOCAL Paint Parties! (no teaching online or virtual kits allowed)

Learn to paint 2 paintings in Fall Sunflowers Galore for only $10!

Join Fall Sunflowers Galore to paint 2 paintings for only $10! Replays available through the 10th!


What you will learn:

  • How to build a simple floral composition - There is no template used in this tutorial, but don't worry! I will break each part down into simple steps.
  • How to color mix paints for beautifully balanced custom paint colors.
  • How to paint with a palette knife - In this lesson, I used paint brushes along with a palette knife to to create all that texture. Don't have a palette knife? Use a credit card! I will show you how. 😀 
  • How to use gel medium to create more texture and thicken your basic craft paints.
  • Bold, loose & messy brushstrokes to help break you free from perfectionism
  • How to add pen work to your art to add an entire new element of fun!
  • How to use acrylic paints like watercolor! Yep! You read that right, I'll show you how. You can use watercolor or acrylics for our 2nd painting!
  • How to cut loose and have fun being creative with others! We are better together and this is a week full of goodness!

What is the schedule for the week?

All times listed are in CST. 


What do I need?!

Once registered, a complete supply and color list will be delivered to your inbox, but you don't need much to start! 

A few basic supplies to grab:

  • Painting Surface - I have done this on a 16x20 canvas, but any size will work. Pick what works for you! Who knows what size I will decide for this next one!
  • A synthetic acrylic paint brush set (option to buy a special kit with brushes after purchase!)
  • Acrylic craft paints
  • Mixed Media Pad (any size) for practicing brush strokes
  • Chalk
  • A few paint pens
  • Gel Medium if you want that extra lofty texture

Note: No need to prep anything ahead of time. I will start from the very beginning in the first lesson. My recommendation for all students is to watch first and then paint at the pace that works best for each person. This allows each student to really focus on what is being taught without trying to "keep up" during the lesson.

This will make the entire event much less stressful and allow for everyone to sit back and enjoy learning! This also allows you a chance to chat with me and ask questions live in the comments!

Art is FUN! We are all creative...

You may just not know it yet!

There is a creative side in each and every one of us and I am going to help uncover that!

In Fall Sunflowers Galore, you will learn how to paint with a palette knife, mix your own unique colors & use gel medium to create impasto style painting. 

Most importantly, I am going to help us all cut loose, get messy, and have fun! Find Joy in the process of painting while following my simple instructions.

Yes...even if you have never painted before! Come along and trust me, I promise you will have a great time and discover the joy of painting!

The freedom that comes with it so satisfying and fun!

By the end of the painting, I have no doubt that everyone will use their hands and paint their way to happiness! Sit back, relax and TRUST THE PROCESS! 

Here are a few of our Tribe Sisters'  paintings of their Fall Sunflowers Galore!

Learn to paint 2 paintings in Fall Sunflowers Galore for only $10!

Join Fall Sunflowers Galore to master acrylic and watercolor techniques! Trust the process and awaken your inner artist today!


Hi, I am Christie

I am the owner of The Social Easel and also the founder of Christie’s Inner Tribe! And I LOVE to paint and to teach others!!

I believe we all have a creative side to us. Sometimes we just need help pulling it out! That’s what I am here for! 

This will be a special workshop for me as we are celebrating 10 years of The Social Easel! In those 10 years, I have taught thousands of women, just like you, how to paint! And get this, most of which had never picked up a paintbrush before! 

I’ve taken my over 30 years of experience with painting and developed an easy-to-follow system to teach you how to paint with no experience needed! I want to help everyone find that creative ability that I believe we all have!

I’ve been painting since I was a child! It’s ingrained in me and brings me so much joy! Now I want to bring that joy to you!

I believe God created us in His image. He is the original Creator. He has instilled a creative side in all of us, some of us just haven’t found it yet.

My goal and purpose in life is to bring that out of others and help them find the joy in painting and what it can do for your life! 



Learn to paint 2 paintings in Fall Sunflowers Galore for only $10!

Join Fall Sunflowers Galore to paint 2 paintings for only $10! Replays available through the 10th!