Join Christie for Her Biggest FREE Online Painting Event EVER!

Picture Perfect: 

Painting Water Lilies with Photographic Inspiration

Learn Christie’s method behind how she takes inspiration from photography to create her originals

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What it's All About

You don’t want to miss out on this exclusive FREE experience. Christie is going to walk you step by step through her process of creating an original painting inspired by a photograph

She's taught thousands of women over the last 10 years both in person and online to push past their fear and find the true joy of painting and what it can do for them in their lives!

This online workshop is unique, because it's not just about HOW to paint. In Picture Perfect, Christie will walk you through the process of selecting a personal photo, and using it as the basis for an original painting over the course of 8 days.   

Christie will teach you the art of creating original masterpieces. 

You'll experience the confidence and self-esteem that bloom throughout the creative process.


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Grab your supplies and join Christie for 8 days of creativity & fun. 


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of Water Lilies and elevate your painting skills? I’ll be sharing it all… from photo to composition, how to pick the perfect colors, putting brush to canvas, and polishing up those final touches!

This is your golden opportunity to learn more about my upcoming Masterclass Course and grow in your confidence as an artist. Don't miss out on this chance to overcome artistic hurdles and unleash your creative potential!

Did you know that over 90% of the people that have learned how to paint with Christie had never picked up a paintbrush before!?

That was then...This is Now!

Thousands of ladies just like you have not only overcome their fear of learning how to paint but are they finding a newfound joy in creating! It’s about so much more than just learning to paint! It's about finding time for yourself and surrounding yourself with a positive learning environment and support system!

It’s about learning to trust the process of creating, embracing the journey of finding your artistic side - Even if you think you don’t have one! 

 You are going to learn about basics in acrylic painting, how important mindset is, and how you can keep going in your creative journey with an amazing community of women surrounding you along the way! 


These FREE Lessons are available for a limited time only! 

Don't miss your chance to get this unique experience at no cost! 

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 Learn the Process & Trust the Process! 

Feeling worried or wondering if this is for you? Never picked up a paintbrush before?

No biggie.Christie's got you! 

She's going to start with the basics and build your skills over these 8 days so you can see that learning to paint is no different than learning anything new in life. It is a process. You will learn to Trust the Process and most importantly have fun!

Over the course of this 8 day Workshop, Christie will teach you the painting skills you have always dreamed of learning but were too scared to try on your own. 

Here is what Christie has learned in her 10+ years of teaching painting both in person and online…It’s about community and we are better together!

This is your chance to sign up for a FREE workshop filled with fun, painting, community and a positive uplifting environment! 

Are you ready for it?!

Here's what you can expect when you attend live! 

🎨 Opportunities to Learn: You learn more with an interactive experience! After each weekday lesson, we'll dive into a live Q&A where you can ask me anything and everything about the process, techniques, or any artistic challenges you're facing.

🤝 Community Engagement: Join a vibrant community! Share your progress, connect with fellow participants, and be part of something more than just an art lesson.

🎁 Exclusive Prizes & Giveaways Bonus: As a live participant, you'll have chances to win exclusive prizes during the live session by answering questions and being a part of the process! A few lucky winners will be selected during each lesson to win some happy mail from me with gifts I know you will love!

This is your golden opportunity to  overcome artistic hurdles and unleash your creative potential!

Join Lifelong Artist Christie Hawkins for 2 weeks filled with the joy of learning, painting and fellowship!

Christie believes we all have a creative side - It is her goal and passion to help pull that out of each one of her students! 

Art and painting is her passion and she absolutely LOVES that God created her to share this passion with you! 

She loves hearing the success stories of her current students and encouraging them along the way in their journey! She can’t wait to do the same for you!

Christie is going to take you step by step through this adventure in art this week! She is going help you learn how to find the confidence in your own art, relax and have fun! Her goal is to help you in whatever way you need no matter your experience!

Trust me when I say, absolutely NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! 

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