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  •  My Top 10 Floral Painting Videos to fuel your inspiration!
  • Downloadable PDF Guide: Floral Painting Inspiration Quick Guide.
  • Exclusive Tips from me on how I find unique floral inspiration.
  • Art Supplies Checklist of what you need to have on hand to create your own floral creations from inspo to finished product.
  • Color Palette/Wheel Guide and a brief overview of color theory.
  • Encouragement to get you going on this new adventure and help you move past fear and mental blocks!
  • Bonus: 15 minute video on Color Theory and Color Mixing!

After teaching for 10 years, the #1 thing I hear from my students is that they still struggle with how to come up with original ideas and create their own artwork. My hope is this quick guide will be just the beginning of inspiration for you in your own floral paintings!