Learn how to paint these Funky Winter Flowers!


In this 3-day online workshop, I will walk you step-by-step through my whole process of creating this frosty floral painting. Each lesson will be broken down into easy-to-follow steps - even if you have never painted before!


Join me November 3rd-5th at 11AM CST



Only $10!


This acrylic painting class is meant for anyone who’s never picked up a paintbrush before to seasoned artists who want to learn new skills, a new style, and a new FUN painting!

In the Funky Winter Flowers lessons, we are really focusing on palette knife work! I LOVE this technique for flowers! It creates lots of texture and the process will really teach anyone to embrace the loose style that comes with palette knife painting. This is all about getting you loose and free with a palette knife and lots of paint.

Scared you can’t do it? Don’t be!

I will teach palette knife basics in our first lesson, answer all the questions, and encourage practice before beginning the final painting.

Here is the thing I love, messy is good! Mistakes are welcome! Leave perfectionism at the door, let loose, and have fun! The imperfection that comes with palette knife painting is what makes it so satisfying, freeing, and beautiful!


There is a creative side in each and every one of us and Christie is going to help uncover that!

In this Funky Winter Flowers acrylic painting workshop, I will be introducing you to modeling paste to pump up the fun texture to our painting.
Don’t forget the scribbles that I love so much from our past Funky Flower paintings! These little lines we will be adding with our Posca pens add that little finishing touch and extra element to the painting.
Last but not least, it really couldn’t’ be a Winter painting without a little glitter, shimmer and shine and we are adding it all. The way this painting twinkles is almost magical. I just love it! 


If you are ready for a fun challenge, come join me and the encouraging community of ladies you will be a part of!


Christie will start each lesson with a mini devotional.

I will help you overcome the fear that is stopping you from painting, many are things that most of us deal with in life and in our journey with art!

Trust • Fear • Grace •  Joy

Come ready with paintbrushes and a cup of coffee! All of this will happen inside of our own private group with a community of like-minded people. We are meant to do life together!

This group is going to allow attendees the opportunity to not only learn but also to share, get loved on, and love on others!

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… It’s about a whole lot more than just painting! It’s about letting loose, having fun, trusting God, and building amazing connections!

What do I need?

Once registered, a complete supply and color list will be delivered to your inbox along with instructions to join the private group where the lesson swill be held, but you don't need much to start painting! (supplies not included)

A few basic supplies to grab:

  • Painting Surface - Christie has done this on an 11x14 canvas. But any size will work, pick what works for you!
  • A basic set of synthetic Acrylic Paint Brushes
  • Acrylic Craft Paints
  • Mixed Media Pad (any size) for practicing
  • A Palette Knife
  • Modeling Paste Medium
  • Black and White Paint Pens

*Note: No need to prep anything ahead of time. Christie will start from the very beginning in the first lesson. Her recommendation for all students is to watch first and then paint at the pace that works best for each person. This allows each student to really focus on what is being taught without trying to "keep up" during the lesson.

This will make the entire event much less stressful and allow for everyone to sit back and enjoy learning! 

What's included:

  • 3 Step-by-Step Lessons that break down the Funky Fall Winter making it easy for anyone to follow!
  • Access to an amazing community, ready to learn and encourage each other along the way, November 3rd-5th (access to the private group will be granted the week of November 1st)
  • Replays available 24/7 - After the workshop, Christie will move all the lessons to her membership website! Login anytime!
  • Supply and Paint Color List 
  • Rights to teach this design for all your LOCAL Paint Parties! (teaching online not permitted)
  • Devotionals at the start of the lessons to help participants get past the fear and learn how to trust the process.


What you will learn:

  • How to paint with a Palette Knife - In this lesson, Christie used paint brushes along with a palette knife to to create all that texture. 
  • How to use Modeling Paste Medium to build lofty texture on your canvas.
  • Painting techniques for beginners  
  • Painting Skills you can use over and over again!
  • How to cut loose and have fun being creative!

What's Included:

Paint Color and Supply List

Supply & Paint Color List to grab everything you need before we get started.

3 Step-by-step Online Video Tutorials

Christie breaks down the Funky Summer Flowers painting, making it easy for anyone to follow along and paint! 

Join Christie inside a Private Group, November 3rd-5th @ 11AM CST

Paint on your schedule!

24/7 Access!

Can't make the Live lessons? Don't worry! After they have aired, attendees can go back and watch the video tutorials anytime.


Each day, Christie will help participants get past the fear and learn how to trust the process with a mini devotional.

Rights to teach these paintings at local paint parties.

(no teaching online or virtual kits allowed)

Private Community

A private social media group to watch Christie teach Live and an exclusive community to share your work and make friends!

Here is what a few of our friends have to say about Christie's past acrylic painting tutorials and some of their past Funky Flower work!

I am amazed at the way my paintings turn out!

"I love the way Christie teaches. She has taken the fear out of painting for me. I am amazed at the way my paintings turn out...Christie is second to none when it comes to her teaching skills."

-Sandy P.

Love how you do step-by-step!

"Christie you are such a true joy to be with. Love how you do step by step and explain color combinations and different brushes to use for a particular painting.

Your honesty and genuine personality makes learning to paint a very fun experience. Thank you!"

-Deborah A.

Christie is an awesome teacher!

"I can't believe I painted without a template and it was an awesome experience!

Christie is an awesome teacher."

-June F.

Learn to paint these Funky Winter Flowers with Christie!


Hi, I am Christie

I am the owner of The Social Easel and also the founder of Christie’s Inner Tribe! And I LOVE to paint and to teach others!!

I believe we all have a creative side to us. Sometimes we just need help pulling it out! That’s what I am here for! Over the past 7 years, I have taught thousands of people, just like you, how to paint! And get this, most of which had never picked up a paintbrush before! 

I’ve taken my over 30 years of experience with painting and developed an easy-to-follow system to teach you how to paint with no experience needed! I want to help everyone find that creative ability that I believe we all have!

I come from a line of artists in my family.  It’s ingrained in me and brings me so much joy! I’ve been painting since I was a child! Now I want to bring that joy to you! I believe God created us in His image. He is the original Creator. He has instilled a creative side in all of us, some of us just haven’t found it yet.

My goal and purpose in life is to bring that out of others and help them find the joy in painting and what it can do for your life! 

XOXO Christie